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If you suffer from chronic or episodic pain, you have come to the right location, home of Neuromuscular Therapy that can relieve your pain and change your life for the better. Unfortunately too many people turn to surgery or drugs before exploring the best form of therapy there is for chronic pain.


There are conditions that require surgery, where nothing else will work. And a percentage of surgeries are perfectly successful. But a percentage are not.

If you do not need to take this kind of chance, intelligent patients know to try other paths to pain mitigation before going under the knife.


In Western medicine drugs are a primary form of therapy for pain. They are sometimes prescribed by well meaning doctors who know that within their practice they can do little else to alleviate their patientís pain.

Knee painBut drugs have their side effects. They can, for instance, make you less efficient, less productive, sleepy and accident prone. That is a terrible price to pay. Furthermore, drugs may only mask the problem, doing nothing to alter the source of your pain. Moreover, many pain medications contain opiates that can lead to dependence and even addiction.

But there is another way.

Transformational Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Therapy.

Pain can come from a myriad of sources, but when analyzed closely much chronic or episodic pain stems from the muscular system. An overly taut muscle, for example, can pull or impinge on a nerve in your back that then communicates to the brain and you feel the pain down the back of your leg as in sciatica.

Neuromuscular Therapy with Patterns of Life is the solution for most people with chronic pain. We understand the mechanisms of pain. That is one reason why we are so good at relieving the pain and its structural cause.

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