7 ways you benefit!

1. Relief from Pain

Neuromuscular Therapy offcircleers relief from the Classic Pain Syndrome where ......

NMT interrupts this cycle and provides relief from persistent soft tissue distress, injury and muscular tension. This physical interdiction and derailing of the Pain Syndrome results in Pain Relief.

2. Greater flexibility and Range of Motion

FlexibilityTight muscles can restrict range of motion in your joints: hip, shoulder, wrist, etc. NMT elongates tight muscles and releases pressure on your joints, so you have much more flexibility in moving your limbs.

3. Increased circulation

A restriction in blood supply, which can be caused by tense, tight muscles, may result in damage or dysfunction of tissue. This condition is called Ischemia. Restricted circulation deprives tissue of necessary nutrients, such as oxygen, and accumulates metabolic waste.

The combination may contribute to the pain-spasm-pain cycle. As Neuromuscular therapy progresses, spasm is reduced allowing greater blood flow to the muscles, reducing ischemia and pain.

4. Greater freedom of movement

Homeostasis (balance) between the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system is brought about by Neuromuscular therapy with the cessation of the stress-tension-pain cycle. Interrupting this cycle allows greater freedom of movement in the cartilaginous and synovial joints of the body.

5. Increased energy and vitality

65% of the human body is composed of oxygen. Critical metabolic functions are regulated by oxygen such as cell repair and the elimination/ removal of energy reducing metabolic waste. Oxygen also plays a vital role in thinking and feeling.

As the pain cycle subsides and your muscles relax, oxygen will circulate throughout your entire system, and you will feel much more energy.

6. Improved postural patterns

Postural distortion is the subtle shifting of the body when compensation patterns develop due to Posturemuscular spasm or contraction. Continual postural strain/distortion may exist through a conscious effort to guard or protect an area of the body or from gradual change due to muscular shortening.

These muscular distortions can lead to pain, generalized fatigue, acute or chronic adhesions and binding, restricted joint movement. The neuromuscular technique identifies postural distortions. Through specific soft tissue manipulation you will feel the release of the stress the contractions create. This process guides your body toward muscular equilibrium and stability, hence better posture.

7. Increased sense of well-being

Optimal muscle tone promotes the neurological interchange between the muscle, the spinal cord and brain. In the normal state the brain maintains a low level of tone or tautness in all muscles to facilitate rapid communication along the nerves.

Through effectively reducing spasm and tension, your muscle tone returns to normal levels. You will feel new balance and strength in your body bringing freedom and empowerment in daily activities. This will give you an increased sense of well being.

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