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Bob Birdsong has practiced as a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist since 1990. He received his training at St. John Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and the Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester, MA.

Studied at the Source

Through his seminars Paul St. John is widely known as an early proponent of Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). Bob has built on his experience with Mr. St. John to develop unique insight into how the body and the mind work together to heal and restore.Bob Birdsong

Extensive Experience More than 20 Years

Bob is a member in good standing of the American Massage Therapy Association. He has worked with the OB-GYN, Cardiology and Pain Clinic departments of Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA, and has lectured widely to medical practitioners, medical foundations and colleges. In addition to his certification as both a Neuromuscular Therapist and a Massage Therapist, Bob holds a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts, and a Masters of Education, Humanistic Management from Cambridge College.

Prior to coming to Westport, Bob was Director of Neuromuscular Therapy at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts. At Canyon Ranch, Bob was not only head of the department, but created and delivered courses for Managers and Supervisors, making the program at Canyon Ranch unique in the American spa world.

Bobs clients range from individuals seeking to improve their physical performance to those suffering from chronic or episodic pain. I work with many clients to address soft tissue injury and muscle pain. This often involves correcting for compensatory behavior and addressing muscle imbalances. With 21 years of active clinical neuromuscular therapy, Bob offers unique therapy that has helped thousands over the years.

How Bob came to Westport , CT from Canyon Ranch is well documented in an article in The Hour excerpted below by:

KATHRYN MOSCHELLA, an Hour Correspondent

WESTPORT — Canyon Ranch, New England's premiere health resort nestled in the Berkshires of Lenox, Mass., has been a popular getaway for Clea Newman, daughter of actor Paul Newman.

When Clea Newman, an accomplished equestrian who has sustained a number of injuries horseback riding, brought her husband to the Ranch, he underwent a form of therapy called neuromuscular therapy to help ease the pain he suffers after falling and two back surgeries.

“Instantly, both he and Newman, who tried the therapy as well, became believers, and with financial backing, they convinced this former director, Bob Birdsong, to open a practice in Westport.”

"I used to run eight to 10 miles a day before I hurt my back riding horses, but after my session with Bob, I ran on the treadmill and did five miles and I couldn't believe it," Newman said during a recent interview. "What I've found with neuromuscular therapy is there are long term effects and that's what's so special about it. I got back to the things I love that make life worth living."

National Certification

National Certification Board for Certified Massage Therapist Bancroft School of Massage
Certified Neuromuscular Therapist St. John Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars
Licensed in the State of Massachusetts Number: Mass-033
Licensed in the State of Connecticut Number: 004841
Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork NCBTMB #508 123-06

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